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Why Though?

I've tried dating apps and deleted them more times than I care to admit. When something isn't working, I look for ways to fix it. By creating my own personalized dating site I'm able to control more of the variables in the process (except for how obnoxious this makes me look).

  • Also, I'm all about stunt life and this is very on brand.

  • No, this isn't an "application to date me." If I thought women should apply to date me I wouldn't need a website.


How It Works

  • Each day for three days I'll send you an email. Consider each one a 5 minute first date. I'll share more information about me, and include a survey to learn about you and test our compatibility.

  • Once you've completed the week of emails you have the option to opt-in to meet. If I also opt-in we "match." Yes, I'm creating my personalized dating app.


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Who am I?

Putting up a website all about myself may lead you to believe that I'm very outgoing. The opposite is true, I'm not a natural at sharing about myself. But here are some quick facts about me.

  • Born 1989, I live at Bloor and Ossington in Toronto.

  • My current job is co-founder of The Peak, a daily business newsletter.

  • In the past I've run a cannabis focused venture fund, worked for the Mayor of Toronto.

  • I always have a number of side projects on the go. A few of them are listed on my site BloomLabs.

  • At least 4 times a day I'm thinking about this.

  • I've crossed off every square of pandemic bingo. This includes baking bread, cookies and cooking recipes I find on TikTok.

  • I'm trying to learn the piano in order to write my own rock opera. Serious Rocky Horror vibes.

  • I love fast food and will not apologize for eating McDonalds once a week.

  • I started a pizza pop-up restaurant. It was called WeirdDoughs but tbh I thought it should be called CointelPie.

  • I just bought a bike trailer, prepping for Dudes Rock Summer at Toronto's Sunnyside beach.


Me, being normal.


What People are saying

Need a reference? Here's what the people closest to me (no bias whatsoever) have to say.

Brett C

Boss (and friend)

I can confirm that Mr. Blumenstein is employed by Peak Media Collective Inc.

April W


Yes, Alex is my ex. We didn't work out but 10/10 would enthusiastically recommend dating him.

Susan B


I don't care as long as she's Jewish. [webmasters note: this not a factor]

Erin S

Culinary Coach and acquaintance

I don't know...he made a pretty decent looking fig galette once

Monika M


I've known Alex for almost 18 years and I assure you he's very normal not weird at all. Would a weirdo create a dating website for himself?


Josey's Dog

Alex is a very good boy. Excellent walks, pets and snuggles.

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